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Coworking Space: A flexible office solution

Posted on April 11, 2022

What is a Coworking space?

It’s a workplace where you can work effectively.

Coworking spaces offer shared office space, business centers, and cafés with various benefits such as flexible contracts and community events.

It’s indeed different from typical office environments. They usually consist of members who work for different companies, startups, or independently.

Members in this flexible work space are afforded a relaxed, professional, and collaborative working atmosphere that fosters creativity and a sense of community at its core.

ABCN Coworking space

It is becoming harder for the modern workforce to find a perfect workplace space. Freelancers, startups, and larger companies, work environments need to accommodate today’s way of working, and coworking spaces can offer that flexibility.

Providing anonymous desks for a day or just a few months, It has adapted as the nature of the workplace changes.

3 Types of coworking space

There are quite a few shared workspaces available in the market for different purposes. The type of space you choose will depend on what you need from your office, but three main options are offered.

  • Private office

With a private office and the option to personalize your space, you can create a professional work environment from a make-shift living space.

You’ll gain more peace of mind and networking opportunities, and creative vibes from the events are happening in the building. You’ll have more flexibility with your rental than if you leased your own office.

  1. Hot Desk

Hot desking is also a popular option for people who don’t want to work in an office and like flexibility. You show up at the office with your laptop in tow, place it on one of the desks without any sign (yes, not even desks get assigned names!), then grab a hot desk when you need one.

It can be the most cost-effective and flexible option with these resources available. Just make sure to get there early if you want a window seat!

  1. Fixed Desk

You can also rent a fixed desk or desks in the office. It’s a great way to connect with others in your field and share knowledge. It provides ample space for your business and knowledge sharing with larger teams.

The Benefits of Coworking

A flexible space gives you an office environment where you can work with clients professionally. And use legislative equipment such as conference rooms.

Having a professional workspace can make your business more successful in its early stages. Giving you the strength and resources needed to get it up and running.

Meet like-minded people

Working by yourself at home may seem isolated. But this type of workplace lets you work from a focused place when convenient for you. It also provides a professional workspace separate from your home and is conducive to meeting like-minded people.

You’ll get to collaborate, share resources, and cross paths with different companies in the coworking area.

Drawing inspiration from one another is a big attraction to a shared office., whether you want to spark new ideas or brainstorm over coffee.

You can reduce distractions and create more productive work with a dedicated workspace.


It does offer up more than just a workspace. You typically get access to free Wi-Fi and premium and cozy furniture, and a meeting/conference area, event spaces, car parking, and 24-hour access.


Entrepreneurs and freelancers no longer need to pay for a traditional office these days because they can work from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

For people to guarantee their space, This type workplace offer one-year leases, month-long leases, or reserve a few days of the week to keep the expenses down.

Reasonable Prices

The rental prices are far cheaper than a traditional office; all the necessary items provided by the shared workspace cost much less than what you’d pay if you were renting a traditional office, plus additional fees and fines.

For example, Wi-Fi is included, and cleaners come in for free. All this means that it’s so easy to budget for your business – as everything is already factored into your rent!

Consider these before Choosing your this kind of shared Space

  • Location 

If you want to meet your clients at your workspace, it should be more centrally located. Remember to plan for convenience and also more accessible public transportation.

  • Area of the workspace

Whether it’s free desk space or partitions, your workspace will depend on the number of people in your company, how often you use a desk per month, and how much privacy you need.

  • Networking Opportunity

Some coworking spaces are run with a sense of community so that through your membership, you contribute to the space and have to give up some time. Other same-type spaces require no commitments.

  • Cost

Before trying to locate the best place to work, think about how your lifestyle will change with a shift to a hot desk. Evaluate the benefits of renting over owning an office.

Search all the spaces near you and compare them with their services, facilities, and price.

What are the best hot desk or private desk spaces in UAE-Dubai, Bahrain-Manama, Qatar-Doha?

Alliance business center coworking space

The Alliance Business Centers Network provides options for offices spaces, shared spaces, and virtual offices among others. ABCN is an excellent choice for a space if you want the best in the industry.

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