Your Business, Your Way

Your Business, Your Way

Welcome onboard fellow reader. As we strive to perfect our business on daily basis, we also aim to share from our experiences and help assist you in growing your own companies and ventures.

At ABCN, Serviced Offices are how we entered the world of business, where no monopoly was in place. It’s a competitive market where one would seize to exist should they follow the rules and avoid creativity. This is what we mastered in. As a worldwide business, ABCN was able to secure being one of the top 3 Serviced Office providers in the world. Our teams’ creativity had opened doors and allowed individuals to get interested in our services.

We are a united serviced office and a well formulated worldwide brand that caters to each and every client as per their needs and requirements. We have centers in different locations to allow maximum exposure and attract clients from everywhere. This was our aim to help YOU find YOUR place ANYWHERE. We still commit to this till this day.

Looking for an office for your regional representative or a space for your call center and marketing team? We, at ABCN can host them for you. What many avoid in considering is the cost of office space in different markets. The complete process is nothing but a lot of work. As a Business Center and a Professionally Furnished Office Provider, we target to not only minimize the hassle but also give you cost effective options in operating your business.

Imagine entering your office, fully furnished, to the last bit; telephone, Wi-Fi setup and even paintings! Our attention to details aims to give you the full experience. This is still not complete as you will still get to experience our reception service, conference rooms and business lounge. All beautifully set for your immediate use. No time wasting and no splurging. You can get all of that for a fraction of the cost of starting from scratch.

As a Dubai based resident, competition is not an easy hurdle, even for a worldwide based company. We, at ABCN, secure our spot and excellence by focusing on every clients’ requirements. We don’t show off – we show up! Tender Love & Care can also be implemented in the business world. We are proud of our accomplishments, nevertheless, make sure that we take care of each member of our network with gracefulness and help nurture their business. After all, their success is our success. Our relationship managers are often mentors to entrepreneurs, guiding them to the point and making sure they understand every step of the way. Doing more than what is required will always end up giving you a lot more than what you have put in initially.

As this post is dedicated to all of the entrepreneurs and business owners, we would like to invite you for a FREE consultation and tour of our business centers in Business Village, Deira & Dubai Silicon Oasis Headquarters. Our serviced office specialists will be able to walk you through our services that also include company formations in the UAE; free zone and Dubai mainland.

Our company set up service gives the client not only the license with all the complete PRO service and legal work associated, but we also take care of issuing visas and finding you the right local sponsor should you wish to set up a business through the Department of Economic Development (DED). Our advisors can also guide you on the difference between a DED Professional and Commercial License in order for you to decide on what will suite your business most.

What we have noticed is that many entrepreneurs’ have initially started their businesses through free zone set up in order to benefit from the low cost set up and 100% ownership, not to forget being completely tax free; a main best seller to the foreigners and individuals coming from abroad. This is what we love about Dubai. It is the hub of the business world, competing with Hong Kong & New York

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